Monthly Meeting 

January 5, 2018Social time begins at 7:30 PM

We will start off the new year with a review and discussion of the various club programs and yearly events.
- DJ Hemmerlein - the chair of the Breeders Award Program (BAP) will discuss the entire program and how it works.  In addition DJ will present some changes he would like to make to the BAP rules.  A vote by the membership is forthcoming of the proposed rule changes.
- Bob Dempsey- the chair for the Horticulture Awards Program (HAP) will discuss the whole program and how it works.
- Chase- the chair for the Fry Raising Program and Contests will discuss how this program is conducted and how you can participate.
- Dave Hemmerlein- will discuss the SWMAS club fish, plant and dry goods auctions.  He will identify what actions are required to make this happen and why club member participation at the auctions is so important.  
- Bob Dempsey will do a 10 minute program on live foods.
A review of all our programs won’t only benefit the new members but will benefit all.
Testing out a new location.
The Crew Family Restaurant & Bakery
3810 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001

SWMAS began in 1978 to support the study, culture, exhibition and education of hobbyists in all forms  of aquatic life.

Each meeting centers around a topic for the tropical fish hobbyist presented by club members or outside speakers. In addition, the meetings include a bowl show, a mini-auction of fish and plants, and a raffle.

Meetings are in

 Kalamazoo on the first Friday of each month.