SWMAS began in 1978 to support the study, culture, exhibition and education of hobbyists in all forms  of aquatic life.

Monthly Meeting

Each meeting centers around a topic for the tropical fish hobbyist presented by club members or outside speakers. In addition, the meetings include a bowl show, a mini-auction of fish and plants, and a raffle.

Related Events

The SWMAS Advertisement Display Board is presently on display at PET SUPPLIES PLUS, located at 1791 W. Columbia Avenue in Battle Creek, Michigan.  Take a look at our display board, grab a flyer, and mark your calendar for our next meeting! We look forward to seeing you. PET SUPPLIES PLUS carries all of your aquatic needs.  Stop in and say hello to Chris and his staff, they'll be happy to see you.
Photo- Chris, (on the left) proprietor; and store associate, Brooke.

Fall Workshops and  Tropical Fish Auction
Updated 3/3/2015

 New  Bowl Show  New 

The 2015 contest has just started. Show off some nice fish.  Possibly win and make buying those impulse fish easier.  Click here - Bowl Show - Click here

Meeting on Friday, March 6, 2015

Featured Event for the March Meeting will be FISH JEOPARDY, Hosted by none other than our own Dave Hemmerlein! 

BIO- Besides being married to a hot wife and having a dog that is named after a beer, I keep fish. I have been into fish for the past thirty five years and have been married thirty five years so I am not sure if the fish came first or the wife but I know which one I love more......it's you honey.
     I maintain some tanks but I can't remember how many tanks I have but most of them are full of fish but I don't have any more room for any more tanks. I maintain many different types of fish and love them all but if I had to my favorite type of fish, then Killies, and I especially like native killies.
     In addition to keeping fish, I love to go collecting, and keeping them in my tanks and maintaining and spawning them. I have been collecting in many places in the United States and outside the United States, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Hope to see you at the meeting and remember that the prizes will be the famous "Nemo dollars" to spend.

BOWL SHOW Open to all members- bring your favorite African Cichlid and/or Barb.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Visit Us

Meetings are held at the Best Western Hospitality Suites, Same building and room

now called the 

Clarion Inn

, 3640 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo on the first Friday of each month. Meetings begin at 8:00 PM after a half hour social period.

Best Western