Religion Fish Lesson

Redbelly Tilapia
(Jan Hoover, you are invited too as a special guest to the 
SWMAS member Christmas Party.)

Not the Christ Fish.
Is St. Peter's fish.
Was eaten by Jesus.
Maybe the Christ Miracle fish.

Tilapia zillii 
Oreochromis zillii
(Gervais, 1848)

Family: Cichlidae

If you can't get to Africa, you might catch some in North Carolina.

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SWMAS member Christmas Party

Our yearly Christmas Party is fast approaching and rumor has it that Santa will be bringing some unusual fish and plants for our silent auction. All  members are asked to bring some goodies to share and it doesn’t have to be cookies/pastries- it can be relish dishes, dips, etc.

    Cheers and Blessings,
        Bob Dempsey

Bowl Show

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  Chair: Ron McNeil

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