SWMAS began in 1978 to support the study, culture, exhibition and education of hobbyists in all forms  of aquatic life.

Monthly Meeting

Each meeting centers around a topic for the tropical fish hobbyist presented by club members or outside speakers. In addition, the meetings include a bowl show, a mini-auction of fish and plants, and a raffle.

Related Events

The SWMAS Membership/Advertisement Board is on display at the Growing Point Pet Center, Battle Creek.


Meeting on Friday, December 5, 2014


The auction/raffle should be exciting at this meeting- as there will be exotic and rare fish being brought in for the auction/raffle.

Jimmy Johns will cater the food however members are asked to bring snacks and desserts.

There's no club split on the mini auction so it's a great time to bring in your nicer fish since you keep all the proceeds.

Ron McNeil- Ron discussed the revitalization of the SWMAS BOWL SHOW! The bowl show will be a significant part of each meeting throughout the coming year! Great prizes to winners. More to come in regards to this fun event- stay tuned!

Visit Us

Meetings are held at the Best Western Hospitality Suites, Same building and room

now called the 

Clarion Inn

, 3640 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo on the first Friday of each month. Meetings begin at 8:00 PM after a half hour social period.

Best Western