SWMAS began in 1978 to support the study, culture, exhibition and education of hobbyists in all forms  of aquatic life.

Monthly Meeting

Each meeting centers around a topic for the tropical fish hobbyist presented by club members or outside speakers. In addition, the meetings include a bowl show, a mini-auction of fish and plants, and a raffle.

Fall Workshops and Tropical Fish Auction

Updated 3/3/2015

Related Events

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Photo- Chris, (on the left) proprietor; and store associate, Brooke.

 New  Bowl Show

The 2015 contest has just started. Show off some nice fish.  Possibly win and make buying those impulse fish easier.  Click here - Bowl Show - Click here
  Chair: Ron McNeil

Meeting on Friday, May 1, 2015

Keeping Shrimp by Steve McDonald

Bio:  Stephen McDonald, Western Michigan University graduate and licensed social worker, began in the hobby as a broke college student who couldn’t have pets in his apartment but a fish tank was ok.  After seeing angelfish breed in the community tank, his now 30+ year journey keeping and breeding fish began.

He is a 20+ year member, Master Breeder, and frequent board member in the Kalamazoo, Michigan-based Southwest   Michigan Aquarium Society.  He is also one of a handful of founding members and Master Breeder helping to start the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Grand Valley Aquarium Club. 

He maintains a fish room of approximately 30 tanks of various sizes and many different types of fish, crustaceans, and live foods.

Steve has been married for 36 years, is the grandfather of 4, and thankful for a family who tolerates and accepts the hobby (obsession or addiction as they might call it).

 New  Fry Raising  New 

Black Neon Tetras
Started at the April meeting.
Fish should be returned at the August meeting.
The winner’s prize is $30 after writing an article explaining how you raised the fish.
  Chair: Chase Klinesteker

Visit Us

Meetings are held at the Best Western Hospitality Suites, Same building and room

now called the 

Clarion Inn

, 3640 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo on the first Friday of each month. Meetings begin at 8:00 PM after a half hour social period.

Best Western