Monthly Meeting  Social Time 7:30  Meeting starts at 8:00 

Mike Monje, Beautiful Barbs & Unusual Cyprinids, March 2nd SWMAS Membership Meeting.

Bio: An avid and lifelong aquarist, past president of GVAC, Masterbreeder level in his home club (GVAC), Horticulturist level in his home club (GVAC), and what he considers his proudest moment in the hobby he was made a Fellow of GVAC in 2016. Mike has been lucky enough to travel to various locations around the world to collect and photograph aquatic life. At various stages in his hobby (obsession) he has worked with Wild-type livebearers, (esp. Limias), cichlids (esp. Victorians), his current obsession is Cyprinids, (esp. Barbs). Mike maintains a fishroom which houses over 1300 gallons of Freshwater and 400 gallons of Saltwater, in various sized tanks allowing him to work with many different species of fish, plants, and inverts (Freshwater and Marine).
Testing out a new location.
The Crew Family Restaurant & Bakery
3810 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001

SWMAS began in 1978 to support the study, culture, exhibition and education of hobbyists in all forms  of aquatic life.

Each meeting centers around a topic for the tropical fish hobbyist presented by club members or outside speakers. In addition, the meetings include a bowl show, a mini-auction of fish and plants, and a raffle.

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Meetings are in Kalamazoo on the first Friday of each month.