We sponsor and support a number of programs to recognize its members and to advance their knowledge. Some of these programs are:

Bowl Show
A monthly contest between members' fish, voted on by meeting attendees. In December, top point winners get auction credits.

Breeder’s Award Program
Members who breed fish and raise fry are recognized through the ultimate achievement – Grand Master level.

Fry Raising Program
Fish fry are supplied from club breeders for our members to grow. The member with the biggest fish wins!

Horticultural Award Program
Cultivation and propagation of aquatic plants by members.


In an effort to encourage more members to try their hand at breeding our beautiful cold and warm water fish we hare establishing a “MENTOR” program, which is being made available for all Society members.

A mentor is an experienced fish breeder who has graciously made themselves available to assist any club members who has an interest in breeding fish that they have successful experience with. The mentor will help you with tank requirements, fish selection, prepping the fish to breed, food selections and all the aspects required to be successful. Won’t it be a great day when you can tell Darrell you have fish to BAP (breeders Award Program).

Two of our Club Members have made themselves available for this Mentoring Program:

Ron McNeil and Steve McDonald

All you have to do is contact them via email and tell them what you are interested in and the two of you can take it from there. I would like to add a segment to our general membership meeting whereas we can identify those who are trying their hand at breeding a new fish and hear about the challenges they have faced and hopefully overcome.

Here are the mentors and the fish they can assist with:

Ron McNeil-

Fish I am comfortable helping with spawning

Peacock cichlids of Lake Malawi
Mbuna of lake Malawi
All cichlids of Lake Tanganyika
Synodontis multipuctatus
Synodontis lucipinnis

Steve McDonald-

Freshwater angelfish
Australian rainbowfish
Cory catfish
Common bristlenose catfish
Dwarf cichlids = Apisto, blue\gold rams etc...

The Board Members hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and we look forward to hearing from each of you in regards to your trials, errors and successes! Contact one of these gentleman today and get started!

SWMAS Membership Application Form  (pdf)  (docx)